Gold Class

Us @ the SeatsGV VivoCity Gold Class. Never been one before but last weekend, we decided to check out ourselves to find out just how good it is. The cinema itself is HUGE!!! With so many screens, you are spoilt for choices. We bought the tickets for “The Prestige”. A movie by Christopher Nolan. Go watch it because that’s the guy who gave us “Memento”. Ok… back to the Gold Class… It has a separate hall away from all the hustle and bustle of noises and everything else. You are welcomed by the ushers to the an exclusive lounge where you can hang out before your movie starts. Peach and quiet with soothing music in the background for your comfort. You can have drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There is also quite a collection of wines just for your indulgence if you want to.

Meals are available as well.. ranging from finger food to set meal which costs $25 for one set. Since we already spent a fortune on the tickets (one tix costs us $30), we ordered the dinner set which is basically a three course meal. And the best part was, the waiter asked if we like to have inside the theatre, which we were like, “What? This is so odd because we don’t usually eat in theatres or food are not allowed. However Gold Class seems to be an exception. Food and drinks are WELCOME!” So we opted to have our appetizers outside and the mains inside while watching the movie. 🙂

Gold ClassWhen we stepped inside the theatre, we were just amazed at how large and plush the seats were. haha… It was like business class seats. You can reclined the seat all the way until it is almost like sleeping on a bed. Oh, each seat comes with a blanket too, in case you are feeling chilly. The one we went to, had only 24 seats in total. So it was quite cosy alright. We made ourselves really comfortable in those seats.

Having said that, our meals were served in bowls when the movie started as instructed. To our surprise, the food was actually quite good. I mean for $25, I’m not complaining. We had Ravioli, with mushroom sauce and Curry Fish Fillet served with steam rice and pappadum. Deserts we had Brownie and Sticky Date pudding. Both served with ice-cream. To round things up, we each had some earl grey tea. It was very filling alright. It was slightly awkward eating from the seats but somehow we gotten used to it and it was pretty cool alright to have the waiters serving you whenever you finished your meals. They were very prompt as well. Service was quite good. 🙂

missy jSeriously, when can we ever have the chance to eat a three course meal in a cinema.. Not often eh! hahah.. Well, this sort of experience, I think would be just once in a blue moon. Don’t want to do it too often else, it will ruin the novelty. Besides it is can be rather pricey therefore, it’s not everyday you want to pay so much to watch a movie.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and best of all, if you can, enjoy it with someone. and I was lucky to have the company of missy j. In a way, a celebration of us being together for the past 12 months. 😀 Heavenly. I can’t ask for more.

p.s. Pardon the resolution.. the pictures were taken with my seriously crappy Nokia 3230 phone.

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