Sumo Big Prawns 

Impromptu decision to visit Sumo Prawns after hearing all the hype . Keeping my fingers crossed, I reached the place around 3 and to my surprise, there was no snaking queue in sight. Lucky me. 

No queue
Not much queue unlike what I saw or heard previously

Maybe it was the rainy weather which explains the lesser crowd. 

Huge bowls
Sumo Prawns and Crayfish bee hoon noodles. Lots of clams!
Ordered 2 bowls to try. Didn’t go for the Lobsters tho. Sometimes it’s not all about the looks.  Doesn’t quite look appealing but hey it’s the taste that matters. 

Verdict: broth is rich and full of prawn and clams flavour. Goes well w some chili powder to spice it up slightly. Crayfish and Prawns were fresh. It is tasty but something to eat when feeling a little indulgent. Lobsters bowl next time? Maybe.


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